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The power of economic and eco-friendly product development

Management innovation, quality control strengthening, basic and principle
We aim to strengthen international competitiveness.

“Soo Industry Co.”Established in 2001, produces and supplies eco-friendly materials such as natural fiber, composite pellet, powder, and treated-natural fiber for each industrial field.
The main applications are felt for automobile parts material, concrete reinforcement, board for building materials, and plastic additive.
As a company with steady R&D and competence, we will do our best to make the products economic and eco-friendly.
We will continue to devote ourselves to becoming a worthy and trustworthy company that customers will find.

2001 ~ 2010

  • * Founded
  • * Sales of Natural Fiber
  • * Designated as a promising corporation
  • * MOU for supply of natural materials in Southeast Asia

2010 ~ 2015

  • * Expansion of factory, Registered one utility model recycled natural fiber
  • * Venture Business Certification
  • * Company name “Soo Industry” change
  • * Certified for research & development department
  • * ISO 9001
  • * Added 5 patents related to green materials using natural fibers

2016 ~ Current

  • * Founded
  • * Natural Fiber Sales of raw materials
  • * Designated as a promising corporation
  • * Opened Soo Industry Co. homepage
  • * Started to export to USA and Europe
  • * Participated in the World of Concrete fair in Las Vegas, USA
  • * USA ASA (American Concrete Association) Shotcrete Convention Presentation and Exhibition

Soo Industry co.

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